Friday, February 15, 2008

Craig-- Way to GO!!!

These are some of the pictures Craig took of the school supplies he and his class collected for the students in the Belize school! We will be delivering them to the students during our visit to their school.


Kathleen said...

Fantastic Craig!!! Thanks to you, your students, and their parents who contributed these things. Now let’s all be ready to help transport these supplies as well as Brittney’s Grandmother’s beanie babies, some calendars from the Psych faculty, and loads of library books. At 5:30, we’ll take a break from our Tuesday meeting to help Craig carry the school supplies into Clow where we will store them for a few weeks until we divide them for packing and transport.

Christa J. Droste said...

Is there still an opportunity to donate things to the students in Belize?

Kathleen said...

Yes, of course. We can always save library books for another year.