Tuesday, February 12, 2008

School Activities

I remember Craig saying something about having his students do a picture-book that he would bring to Belize to show the students what it is like to be a student in Wisconsin. I was thinking that we could reciprocate and take digital pics of the students in Belize that they could write something about to put it in a book form for Craig to bring back to his class to show them what it is like to be a student in Wisconsin. Feedback? Discussion?

Christa, tell everyone about the snowglobe idea you have...


Christa J. Droste said...

I think that's a great idea! The snow globe idea was really just a quickie craft that I found on the internet using plastic baby food jars. All we would need to do is prep the jars by hot-gluing small figures to the underside of the jar lid and maybe decorate the lids (or we could let them decorate the lids with paint). Then all the students would need to do is empty glitter/plastic snow flakes (found at model stores for cheap) into the jar and fill it up with water. Screw on the lid and shake and wallah--instant snow globe! Sort of a fun activity that the kids could keep. I was thinking about writing to one of the major jar companies for baby food and asking if they would donate these empty jars to us, since I don't think we'll find enough around here that would work. They would probably want us to mention their company's name some how... we'll have to think of a way to promote it.

But that's it! Oh, one other thing... I heard about this spray that you use on your clothing before you go down that repels ticks, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes... you can find it at Fleet Farm, etc. I'll be buying a can so if anyone needs to use it, let me know.

Christa J. Droste said...

Oh, I would need to know soon if we'd like to do this so that I can contact who I need to to discuss the donation of the jars. :)

Any thoughts??? Dr. Stetter??