Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to Use this Blog!

Hey everyone! Many members of our team are new to blogs and have asked me how to use it! Well, it's really easy... probably easier than using D2L here at school!

You all have the ability to display/write a new post, which is what you're reading right now. Anyone, (and this is what everyone's been using until this post) including parents if they know about the blog, has the ability to 'comment' on any post they wish. Right now, we've been answering Kathleen's Christmas question from the first post by 'commenting' on it. With me so far?? Another way to think of it is like this: a post is like a new email that has been sent out with new information on it. Comments are like the responses we send back out in regards to that email. Here, however, we can see each other's responses and respond to one another! One other quick note, to get back to the blog after you have commented, simply select the name of the blog at the top of the 'comments' window to get back!

So, you already know how to 'comment' (select the link called 'comment' following every post), but how do you post? First, log in using the user name and password you selected when you signed up (it's free if you haven't already signed up). A 'dashboard' will pop up after you sign in with a list of the blogs you are apart of, for most of you, our Belize blog will be the only one that pops up--but you could always start your own... we won't see that one unless we're individually invited. Anyway, click on 'New Post' below the name of the blog (it's preceded by a green plus-sign). Type a title to the blog (definitely recommended so we can find them later) and begin typing your post. The blog automatically saves itself every few seconds (maybe minutes), but you could also hit the blue button 'save now' just in case. When you are finished, select the orange button 'Publish Post' and it will be added to the blog for everyone to see. Simple!

If you have questions, please ask by using the 'comments' link below this post. Otherwise, if you ever need to find a post, you can look for it on the blog page--to the right of all the posts is an archive of every post by date and name. Good luck!

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Kathleen said...

I have been logging onto the Blog from a book mark that took me directly to the site. therefore I missed the green cross to do a new post. After going to, the process was easy.