Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reading List

I’m glad to see that Christa bought a Belize travel book with one of her gift certificates. You can’t read enough about Belize, and every bit will enhance your experience there.

There are two items in the article packet that will further help you to understand the country of Belize and what you are seeing there.

Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. (July, 2007). Background note: Belize. US Department of State.

Calhoun, B. Ed. (1992). Save the rainforest Belize rainforest ecology course manual. Programme for Belize publication. *

Notice the difference in the publication dates of the two items. We will make some interesting comparisons in terms of country change during our seminar meetings, so watch for differences during your reading. Both Dawn and I have seen changes in the country over the years we have visited there, and we will share those with you.

The first item will give you numerous statistics about the country; the second will help you to understand and appreciate forest ecology, which is, of course, important to the survival of the threatened species we will be observing.

Also available at Polk Library is:

Horwich, R. H. & Lyon, J. (1990). A Belizian rain forest. Gay Mills, WI: Orang-utan Press. (Polk)

This book summarizes many animals and plants that you will see in Belize. Although you may not read the entire book, pay attention to the chapter on howler monkeys.

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