Friday, January 11, 2008

Research Ramblings

Research Ramblings

The acrylic tubing for our apparatus has arrived!! We have two sizes to match the fence holes at the zoo; both are cut in 8-inch lengths. We still need to devise a way to attach them to the fence and to push food through them. (Emily, stop by my office to pick up a sample of each one.) Please plan to carry one or two of these in your checked bags. In case luggage gets lost, we don’t want them all in one suitcase.

In addition to the apparatus for the manipulation part of our study, you will need a pair of binoculars to collect observational data. I know Amee received some for Christmas, but I don’t know what the rest of you have. We do have six pair of Department binoculars to check out to you on a first-come, first served basis. Please let me know by replying to this blog or in an email if you have binoculars or if you need to borrow some. If any one still plans to buy binoculars, a great place to get them on line is Eagle Optics, Middleton, WI. They gave our Department a matching grant for the binoculars we do have, and both Dawn and I are very satisfied with our personal binoculars that we purchased there.

Also available for check-out are walkie-talkies. We have one for each two people. These will be nice for communicating at the zoo when some of us observing the howler monkeys and others are at the spider monkey exhibit. They will also be nice for communicating around the Tropical Education Center where we are staying.

Finally, everyone will be given a clip board, pencils, and recording sheets to carry along.

Did I forget anything Dawn? Oh, yes, the compasses. We do have a few of these for check out. If you have your own, do plan to bring it.

This is what you will need for the research. So what else is in that back pack or fanny pack? What other items do you need to carry along every day? When giving presentations to children, especially to boy and girl scouts whose motto is “Be prepared,” we often pull out items one at a time to identify what should be carried along. Give this some thought, then share. I’ll bet Dawn has a list.


Craig Sigl said...

I have my own set of binoculars and I will purchase a compass. It is something I should already have for backpacking. I can also get a walkie talkie.

We may need to save a little bit of room in our suitcases for school supplies to leave with the students and teachers we work with. I am organizing a school supply drive at my elementary school and the results should be good! My next step is to compile a list of supplies and then I will set a date for the drive.

Nicole Springstroh said...

My dad has a pair of binoculars, so would be be able to share them between the two of us?
Also, I'm sure we either have a compass or can purchase one before the trip.

Kathleen said...

Don't buy a compass unless you have other use for it.

Nicole, I'll plan on having you check out a pair of binoculars, and I've recorded your Dad as having a pair.

I hope everyone will carry an extra 50 lb suitcase with the research equipment (not heavy), school supplies that Craig collects, Beanie babies from Brittney's Grandmother, and library books from Mrs. K-A....and anything else you lan to bring for the children. The best place to get this suitcase is your parent's or grandparent's attic. Many students just leave it in Belize.

Christa J. Droste said...

I also have my own set of binoculars... and I was already planning on buying a compass since I will most likely use it for future adventures. I think my brother has a set of walkie-talkies that he may lend me (if I ask very nicely!) otherwise, I will check them out.

A friend of mine suggested getting suitcases at one of the many thrift stores around Oshkosh... especially if we plan on leaving them down there.

What else would make us 'prepared'?

Also, Dawn had a great idea (Craig, you may want to talk with her about this!). She suggested that we do Craig's lesson plan, but have the kids make us a picture book of Belize that we could bring back with us... sort of an exchange... WI kids would make them a book and they would make us one.

Otherwise, if you're still looking for zippy-pants... stores I've been to have been saying they'll be in and stocked at the end of Feb. Otherwise, if you're comfortable with ordering on-line, you can always find great deals... but there's no guarantee they'll fit.

Emily said...

Stanta did not bring me a pair of binoculars for Christmas but he brought a lot of other goodies, so I will let you know in the next few days if I am planning on buying my own or if I need to check some out.

Kathleen, when should I stop buy your office? During interim I am on campus Tues-Thurs running participants for research. I am there usually noon to 3 or 5 pm.

As far as zip-off pants, I am in the process of trying to modify nursing scrub pants to perform the same function. Scrub pants can be found at Wal-Mart for $12. I am trying to make them so I can just roll them up and button them. I will let you know how that turns out.

Kathleen said...

Nursing scrubs work very well. They are so light weight that you might not need to take the legs off.

Emily, I put you down for a pair of binoculars just in case you don't get any.