Monday, January 14, 2008

TB Test

Dr. Stetter,

I've taken my TB test-- would you like the results yet? Where should I drop it off and should I make a copy for myself to bring along to Belize with me?


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Kathleen said...

I just need a single copy of the negative TB test results to turn over to the Belize Zoo. Keep the original for your records. I’m not in a big hurry to get them from you, and you can wait until the first meeting if you want, or you can put them in my mail box at school or mail them to me at UWO. If you do not have negative test results, you will be allowed to observe the monkeys, but not handle food or work with the apparatus.

Some of you may wonder why you need a TB test. Tuberculosis is a one of the zoonotic diseases, those that are transmissible from humans to animals and vice versa. The purpose of the TB test is to protect the monkeys at the Belize Zoo from you in the unlikely event that you have TB or are a carrier. Some of you will be handling food that is offered to the animals. You will always wear gloves while handling this food, and only those with negative TB tests will be allowed to do this part of the study.

Of course we will protect you from any diseases that the monkeys might transfer to you too. That’s why you will always wear gloves when handling the apparatus; the apparatus will be washed with disinfectant every day; and you will wash your hands and change clothes after working with the monkeys. Most important, you will NOT have any direct contact with the monkeys…no handling or touching.